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There are many fishes in the sea...

Our fish tank was empty for almost a year. A year before that, my older brother got hooked on raising his own Flowerhorn. The fish, I tell you, is not that aesthetically gifted. It has this huge lump on the head and black stains all over the sides of the fish's body. The stains, according to my brother, are supposed to form some Chinese characters which I really doubt to be true. But my brother would really insist. And for that, I call him delusional.

He eventually got tired staring at the fish. The Flowerhorn was given to his friend and I have no news about the creature since then. The fish tank was left empty not until two weeks ago that he decided to raise Orandas, two Golds and one pretty in Black.

I really like the fishes now. They look so regal when they move around. Perhaps, adding two more Orandas would complement the still big space of the fish tank.
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