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This morning I was looking for an old document I have in my PC when I came across this folder full of raw photos of our yearbook class picture. Then it came to me that a year has just passed since we parted ways March of last year.

After our graduation, we had different career moves. Many, decided to work in Manila and a few, including me, stayed here in my laid-back Davao. Just recently, I have stumbled upon a few classmates from college. I learned from them how our other friends are doing now.

Thank God, no one has died yet. Two of my girl classmates got married. Two or three went on to law school. While a big number work in contact centers. The idea of a class reunion keeps on popping-up, but hey, we're not that old yet. Three or four more years, let's just see.
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ganito ba talaga dapat ang class picture...hindi eto nararapat...isa itong kahibangan ate...itigil na to!

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