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Random: Personality Test

iPersonic will help you to determine your personality type in less than 5 minutes. Get to know yourself better. And find what you need to be happier. Start now!

I took mine and here's the result.

Take the free personality test!

thanks meow for the link.... 
3 Extra Toppings:

took the test! i'm an S.I. Spontaneous Idealist!

SR: "Should a relationship break up, they tend to blame themselves. That is why they find it very difficult to end a partnership even if it has not fulfilled their requirements for some time."

true ba ito?! just like your previous post on new yrs eve..

and it reads, "For you, investing a lot in your relationship, and totally committing yourself to another person goes without saying. You enjoy assuming responsibilities, and that applies to your partnership, as well. When you encounter hic-ups in your relationship, the first things you look for are ways to change yourself."

- that explains why....

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