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Boyet, Go To Hell!

I haven't heard of the name Boyet Fajardo not until yesterday when my cousin told me about this faggot who made a scene in one of the Duty Free stores here in the country. My cousin though wasn't good enough in picking up the details of the news, even missing out the name of that particular designer. So, I googled it up and to my surprise a long list of blogs and forums are already dedicated to this bitch's intolerable attitude.

When I first heard of the news, I instantly got irritated on how he acted. More so, when I finally got a chance to peep on the CCTV recording of the incident (thanks to youtube). Just look on how pitiful the male attendant was; kneeling for forgiveness to a mistake he didn't do just to keep to his job. Shame on you Boyet Fajardo.

And in the first place, the name Boyet Fajardo doesn't ring a bell. So whether the ID requirement was SOP or not, his fake and "effort-full" VIP status is just the same when our househelp goes to Duty Free to shop. You're not Imelda, Mr. Fajardo.

There is no point in trying to clean up your name. You blew it Boyet. You have just won a backstage pass of the movie,'Business going Bankrupt'. 'Cause no one's buying your line anymore. Mr. Fajardo, have you heard the word BOYCOTT?
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i just saw this in the news a while ago and his excuse was so freaking lame! i never heard of this fajardo guy before but i don't care! go to hell boyet!

bakla...dapat ikaw ang lumuhod ate...

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