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Random: Brand New!

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I want my first blog entry for this year to be 'happy'. A little break from my previous posts which have been a bit heavy to read. It has been very frustrating for my part to end 2008 that way. But since it's a new year, I want to open it with a bang!

Perhaps to write a list of the good things which happened to me last year. A quick recall of the many firsts of my young life and of course my little achievements for the past year.

1. FINISHING MY THESIS. I planned the whole of my last year in college around this one. Thanks Microsoft.

2. A COLLEGE DEGREE. After five years of hard work and sleepless nights I finally graduated from college last year.

3. MY FIRST JOB. I tried working in a contact center in Central Visayas after graduation. I had fun in the beginning but I eventually lost my appetite for this kind of work. I went AWOL (4. FIRST AWOL) on my second month.

5. FIRST TIME LIVING IN A DIFFERENT CITY. It was a learning experience being alone and outside of your comfort zone. Although for a very short time i had the opportunity living in a house with strangers, and sharing a room with someone other than my brothers.

6. BEING PART OF THE UNEMPLOYED WORK FORCE. I hated the feeling of doing nothing for a couple of months. But c'mon, give the guy a little vacation :)

7. FIRST ROAD TRIP. While waiting for a job opportunity, I had the chance to work part time for a small company that handles corporate events. And one of my job assignments included a road show within Greater Southern Mindanao. 5 cities in 5 days. wooohhh!!!

8. MY BIG BREAK. I really did not expect it to come but when I was offered to write (the whole script is done in Cebuano) and direct my own local TV show, I did not think twice.
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wow! i salute you! that's a lot of accomplishments! more to come this year!
ako wala masyado, petiks ako this year eh!

go go go alec....yeah more to cum this year talaga...as in more to cum...

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