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I Have Nothing to Write

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It got me. My laziness I mean. I'm just too tired to think of something that I can write about. My day was a drag for a fact. Woke up at six to rush the material for tomorrow's airing. Went home after lunch. Did some blog reading. By late afternoon, Weng, a close friend, went to the house to use my brother's PC. I got tired. Took a little nap for two hours. By eight, Weng and I ate dinner together. A little talk. My other gay friends, Jonnel and Ovit came by. A little more talk. Then went home. Nothing special really happened. And as the rain is pouring heavy outside, I think I leave my day this way. Dry.

Photo: Someone, they call Joseph
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you may have nothing to write about but at least you have some cute guys here. hehe

Well, you did write a bit for this entry. And yeah, cute guy in the pic.

Agree ako sa dalawa, ang cute ng guy. Kaka-el. hahaha

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